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HUGH chakdara at btinternet.com
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What's a home network?  Should I know?  One thing I do recognise is the dongle.  What it has become I do not know, but many years ago it was something that, when applied, prevented others from using your computer.

At the May election here, I'll vote for the candidate who vows to have a week without mains electricity, SatNAv, and mobile/cell phones. Users with special needs, eg, hospitals, the MN, you and I, would be exempt, but the rest of this gadget ridden place would get a wake up call.  Ancient skills, such as rubbing 2 Boy Scouts together to make a fire, would be revived, and I'd get a buzz out of watching them all floundering, eyeless in Gaza.  Who knows, it might catch on.  And the semi-literate who (we are told) enter university with only minimal knowledge of how to communicate (having enrolled for a science or engineering degree), could bone up on grammar and how to write an essay.  I do recall, when we had 3 day working in the 70s, and power cuts were common, sitting in bed studying by candlelight.  The kids thought it wonderful.

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