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These things are sometimes reported, somebody chinned for wearing a cross, but I've yet to see any evidence of such around me, so I suspect they are very few and far between.  Which doesn't excuse them, of course.  Part of the problem, if such it is, is the modern tendency for people to be well-behaved to the point of apathy.  I read of people worn to a frazzle by bullying at work, and I wonder what happened to their cojones (metaphorical in the case of ladies).  During my working life, bullying was never an issue, and by that I mean nobody who tried it ever got very far along the line before being put firmly in his place, and I don't only speak of myself being subject to it.  So it was never tried twice. There was a time when a lady wearing a cross would have shaken a complainer warmly by the throat. It's not all that long since I saw a gent on a bus with a cross hanging on a chain round his neck.  This was what is called a cross "with the wee man on it" (it's an old joke). On a scroll at the base of the cross was engraved CELTIC, indicating both his support of that football team and his total ignorance of anything else.  But nobody asked him to hide it from view.  Last week I was sat on a bus.  A man got on, paid his fare, and continued to a seat.  Before he reached the seat, the driver called him back.  I didn't hear what was said, but he erupted into a volley of obscenities, challenged the driver to a fight, glared around the bus, and made his way slowly to a seat, all the time cursing and threatening and glaring. This continued when he sat down.  There were men on the bus apart from me, but they all faced the front and stayed schtum. He annoyed me, so I felt obliged to shut the clown up, and I caught his attention.  I got the last word, and he subsided into a sulk.  I'm the good-natured one in our family.  My two brothers did 112 days each (one of them twice) in the army for (allegedly) assaulting NCOs, and Dad did 5 years for muntiny as a teenager (he served 2).  Dad would have banjoed him without a thought - he ejected a man from a bus once for swearing at a woman. The whole affair passed without a flicker of interest from the other passengers, or the driver, and that's what we have descended into.  This would be a good time to invade the UK.

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