[BITList] Rona Williams: vet tells of miracle escape afterlorry traps her car at 60mph - Telegraph

Robbo macarob at optusnet.com.au
Sun Mar 28 00:15:36 GMT 2010

Again the driver survived.


Thanks to the magnificent skill of the truck driver, Dave.


Seriously though, I almost had a little car underneath my LPG tanker after
sneaking up the inside 

then he clipped my vehicle as he pulled back in front. Now you will notice,
(particularly Mobil) tankers

Have about 6 mirrors on the left, so the driver can keep track of the
motorists doing "careless" things


I don't miss the daily jousting with the cars one bit, must be getting old.





On another note while googling for something on one of my old schools up in

I discovered they named a road (street) Dunera Way, which I guess is after
the Dunera of BI

As the so called Dunera boys were interned there when they arrived in this


Interned may not be the correct word if one is to believe some old hands in
Hay, holiday camp

would be more like it.


A bit of useless info.






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