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So much for the 13 medicines he was taking.  I've a close friend - a little younger than me - who takes 14 pills and tablets a day.  I've known him since we were teenagers, and I can't recall him ever being in a hospital.  And if he'd ever been ill outside of that, I'd have known about it.  He suffers from too many pills, and it shows.  I think it's all a matter of doctors.  The ethos in the practice we belong to does not tend towards prescribing quantities of strange lotions and tablets.  The late Jack Weir, MM, was my father's MO in Burma during WW2, and after WW2 he was the head of the practice until he died not that many years ago.  His approach, at least to me, was to say, "Ach, you'll no die of it.  I'd give you something for it, but they're mostly no damned use.  Try a couple of Disprin, or lie in a hot bath for a while with a good book." Coincidence - last night I was looking at my BI vaccinations record, and it was J Weir who gave me the first lot.

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