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the little 11 year old lad was invited to the health care reform signing ceremony by Obama at the white house, his mother died recently of cancer because she could not afford health insurance.
the hospital doctor/s apparently told her that as she had run out of money there was nothing more they were willing to do. [this is the norm]
so, having little alternative, she went home and died.

every republican was against the health care reform [being bought off by the health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry] - and couldn't care less that people die if they can't afford the exorbitant cost of doctors and hospitals.
health care being a privilege, not a right. 
you have a right to be able to buy and own guns, but you have no right to health care
bearing arms is a sacred right............................  go figure!

ain't life grand in the land of the free home of the brave...................................?


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Who is the bloke high fiving Oboma






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