[BITList] Fwd: (Case MB16487) Are there problems at MythicBeasts?

John Feltham wantok at me.com
Wed Mar 24 10:50:51 GMT 2010

G'day folks,

Some of you thought that the List had been placed in Moderated Format, but not so.

Begin forwarded message:

> Are there any problems at MB?
> Just had folk telling me that there hasn't been any msgs on the moonrakers List.
> I sent out a 'test Msg' to moonrakers, vsdh and BITList and they all three appear in the archives but the msgs have not been received by me??


It seems that mailman instance had slowed to a crawl attempting to send messages to people who may well not really exist. I've shut it down and restarted it and I can see messages flowing through so everyone should have caught up shortly.



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