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ref the origin of the name - lorne. esoterically Google informs ..........................................................



Sliced sausage
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Square sausage (lower right) served with black pudding, baked beans, fried bread and mushrooms
Square sausage, also known as Lorne sausage, sliced sausage or slice, is a food product most often eaten in Scotland and North East England. Sausage meat - which may be pork, beef, or a mixture of the two - is set into a square and sliced into pieces generally about 3 inches (76 mm) square by about 1?2 in (13 mm) thick. The sausage is rarely a perfect square given the minced state of the meat, which is often bound with other ingredients such as rusk.

Square sausage remains a favourite in Scottish cooked breakfasts and is often eaten in a bread roll. The square sliced sausage is also the ideal size to make a sandwich using one or two slices from a Scottish plain loaf.

[edit] Name
Lorne sausage is often said to be named after Tommy Lorne a Scottish music hall comedian of the 1920s.[1] This unlikely rumour was possibly started by Tommy Lorne himself.[2]

[edit] Cooking
Square sausage should be either deep or shallow fried in oil or placed under a grill for around ten minutes.

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As you suggest, "slice" can only be from "sliced". If you ever feel the urge for some brawn in this area of Scotland (and maybe others - I haven't sampled regional differences), ask for "potted heid".  It is sold in supermarkets, though I can't say as what, but most get it from the local butcher.  We ate a lot of it as children, but almost none as adults.  Janet doesn't like it (I do).

What a fund of esoteric knowledge BITlist is.



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