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tks for the info - where does the name "lorne" come from, though?

"indeterminate meat content" reminds me of brawn, which was usually sold in slices, rather like tongue [which I loved] or boiled ham [which I loved]............

could the "slice" come from the fact that it is sold in slices? a la slice roll?

there is similar cold meat sold here but for reasons unknown to me is called hogs head cheese!

all quite confusing - I need a p...p...p...penguin


brawn [br??n] 
1. strong well-developed muscles
2. physical strength, esp as opposed to intelligence
3. (Cookery) Brit a seasoned jellied loaf made from the head and sometimes the feet of a pig or calf 
[from Old French braon slice of meat, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German brato, Old English bræ?d flesh]

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Lorne Sausage is a kind of posh name for a version of something we call "slice".  It is not sold as a sausage, but as slices of a sausage 8-10mm thick.  The Lorne variety, aka square sausage, is made as a length of square section (about 60x60mm) sausage of indeterminate meat content. Sometimes it comes without sausage skin on it, and sometimes with onion in it.  There is a cylindrical version which is not called round sausage.  With me so far? In our neck of the woods it is called "slice", and don't ask why. People of taste never buy it from supermarkets (we never buy uncooked meat from these places).  We have two butchers in town, and we prefer (on balance) the slice made by one of them.  As an illustration of how regional the sausage game can be, one morning when I was in the employ of Kvaerner, only 17 miles east of here, I visited the canteen to purchase something for eating later.  I asked for a slice roll (a buttered roll with a piece of slice on it). She looked at me blankly, so I pointed to the slice.  "That's no slice," she said, "That's sausage.".  "Au contraire," I said, pointing to sausages,  "Them's sausage."  "No, they're not," she said,  "Them's links." So I decided to try something else.  "Have you any ham?"  "No, "she said, "Only bacon."



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