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doesn't appear to be one strike n you're out in this case.
cndr dysdale didn't get his plum job in washington, but he did get a desk 
we don't know what happened to the other two.
but let's not forget - Commander Stuart Wright, representing Blair, said the 
navigation officer was "fatigued" at the time of the crash having lost his 
signal communications officer to illness.
one can only imagine what fatigue, losing ones signal communication officer, 
can produce!

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> I daresay if every navigator sought independet proof that everything 
> marked
> on a chart was what they thought, before actually moving the vessel, the
> entire oceans would be empty of ships.  What strikes me about this, is 
> that
> in the MN or RN, its a case of "one strike and you're out".  Not many 
> fields
> of endeavour are like that, eg, banking, politics, ....
> Hugh.
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