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HUGH chakdara at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 16 08:04:59 GMT 2010

When I was with Kincaid, 1980s, everything on the mainframe was backed up onto tape, daily or weekly, depending on what it was.  Stuff on PCs was never backed up, since at that time we were using the floppy driven early IBM machines - everything was on disk or in RAM.  My registry and settings are backed up, and the rest is now and then dumped onto a large HD I keep purely for storage (in a caddy).  Much depends on what it is.  Photos, especially important ones, can be on the master HD, a slave, a pen drive, and the aforementioned caddy, or all four.  Every so often I bring them into line as regards individual files.  Losing a HD through a corrupted file system makes one paranoid.


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