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HUGH chakdara at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 14 16:58:42 GMT 2010


It's easy to see where that is coming from.  So, the chance of getting blown up by some daft machine that doesn't know if its arse is bored or punched is supposed to encourage one to submit to the "X-ray" scanner? Why not just shoot anyone who doesn't fancy it?  At least that would remove the element of chance. Why allow the chance of someone getting through with their minutarised WMD that's been made invisible to the "X-ray" scanners?  Force us all walk through the booth - it being omniscient. What kind of safety radius would they have round the booths?  Supposing someone of dark hue with a moustache should have secreted about his person some device that would reach fissionable mass when scanned by the all-knowing ray from the booth.  What then?  What fun in the airport of the future - I can't wait.

A simpler amd much less messy solution would be to get the booth to ring a bell on detecting a WMD or equivalent.

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