[BITList] tyranny: BBC - Mark Mardell's America: Armed and ready to shop

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hey, it's all about keeping tyranny at bay - and my civil rights!

without the right to bear arms, how do you guys in uk, ozz, etc. keep tyranny at bay?

don't you know the UN is trying to confiscate our arms - and thereby take over the world?

I'm not paranoid, but beware those unmarked black helicopters - you have been warned.

I'ts clear my rights are under fire, can't have that now - can we...........................?


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> Years ago while in Vancouver, I was told of US tourists coming to Canada, they were stopped at the Border and asked if they  had Guns, when told that they were not allowed into Canada with guns,  they just turned round and went back to the States.
> When in the Lakes, we passed Windsor, Ontario, the Pilot remarked on the very small number of murders there but on the other side of the River was Detroit, at that time the Murder capital of the States !
> Mike 
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