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I have experience of the equivalent of the mausoleum report. When my parents moved up the hill from Port Glasgow by the river in 1946 they took we children with them.  There was a big mature wood at the end of the road, and an ornate mansion.  General Sir Francis Reginald Wingate, GCB, GCVO, GBE, KCMG, DSO, DCL (Oxon), LLD (Edin), Governor General of the Sudan 1899-1917, was born in the mansion and we played in the wood.  In the middle of the wood stood a very small stone building minus its roof and door, with two small barred windows.  The floor was stone flagged.  We would sit inside on moonlit nights and frighten the shit out of each other with ghost stories.  We decided it was a pepper store, and that was what we called it. Fast forward some years to the time I came home for lunch (in those days, only the posh called it lunch - I was home for my dinner) from Kincaids DO.  The little building had been flattened, as had the mansion and half the wood, to make way for houses. While digging the foundations for one of the houses, they had come across human bones.  The police were called, and it soon became clear they were digging in the graves that had been under the little building.  I watched them handing up thigh bones before I had to rush for a bus.  I've never read anything about whose remains were there, but they were not Wingates - they only leased the mansion.  These things happen when history is ignored.

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