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An odd kind of "interview".  Was it an interview, or just a platform for the general to expound his views?"  I think the latter, given the messages of support from the other guy.  I'm sick of right wing "christians", with and without a capital "c" at the start.  As Robbo says, they're mad mullahs with a different god. Their reasoning capacity doesn't go much beyond the ability to read, hence their fixation on what they think it says in their particular 4th hand translation of the Bible.  When they get into a place of influence, I start to worry.  I recall the tale of the prim lady who brushed aside all talk of the original Aramaic and Hebrew.  Said she, "English was OK for Jesus, so it's OK for me." Islam and Christianity, and Judaism to some extent, are travesties of the original models.  The present forms are the results of reorganisations by committees, breakaways over this and that, visions of supernatural beings, and suppression by force of previous forms and beliefs.  Even atheism is not immune to it.  My son, who was happy enough being a kind of atheist, complains he must now define his unbeliefs in line with some orthodoxy.  He wonders what he'll be next.  I often wonder what the hell I am.

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