[BITList] Why America May Survive-the operative word being MAY

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to say, "why america may survive is because they are, at least, willing to face up to reality! however PC they may be!"

IMO is not true - I see no evidence of this willingness.

americans don't face reality on many fronts. 

the tea party mobs, palinism and the charade of the opposition to health care reform all indicate many want to "take back the country" and have business as usual - they are clearly unrealistic.

america has lost the role of biggest and the best and will never recapture it.

I do agree with general jerry about the lack of leadership concerning maj. nidal hassan - a tragic case of passing the buck.

however jerry's views as a christian fundamentalist are well known - to the extent that his wife divorced him because he was a religious fanatic, she said.


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. . . . . is because they are, at least, willing to face up to reality! However PC they may be!! 

Replace the word 'Christian' with 'Hindu' -- and that could well be a scenario in India -- though we may have a problem finding a 3-Star General willing to be that forthright!!

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