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Apple's Ipad delay is down to a software problem
The one thing that Jobs' Mob makes 
By Nick Farrell 
Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:29 WHILE THE NASDAQ stock market actually rose on the news that Apple had named a date for its overpriced keyboardless netbook, no one seems to have noticed that the shipping date had slipped.

The rumour mill had been speculating that Jobs' Mob would have to delay the launch of the Ipad but everyone assumed it would have something to do with the Chinese hardware makers that make the thing.

However, when the manufacturers said that everything was on time on their side of the Pacific, the rumour mill started to focus on the one thing that Apple does have direct control of, the Iphone OS.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball claims the software has taken longer to finish than they'd hoped. The problem apparently is in the timing of turning out the software. Obviously on a scale with Duke Nukem on one hand and being on time on the other, a couple of weeks is nothing.

However it is strange that after all this time in development something as basic as an upgrade to the Iphone OS is still not ready. If Gruber is right, then it means that the one component that it should have been easy to get ready in a year is not ready.

We have seen Apple do this before. Its Mac OS X Snow Leopard had a huge number of patches issued fairly soon after its release. If the Iphone OS operating system is similar then chances are that the Ipad effectively will be tested in the marketplace.

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