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John Feltham wantok at me.com
Sun Mar 7 12:30:45 GMT 2010

G'day folks,

Having just subcribed my me.com address I have of course received the "Welcome Msg"

I wondered, seeing as we have been operating under these guidelines whether they require any additions or subtractions or alterations.

Msgs direct to me...please at my new email address.

Keep a copy of these in case you have misplaced or lost your copy.


On 07/03/2010, at 6:26 PM, bitlist-request at lists.bcn.mythic-beasts.com wrote:

John Feltham <wantok at me.com>Welcome to the BITList at lists.bcn.mythic-beasts.com mailing list!
Welcome to the BITList

Guidelines for Listers.

Note. This is NOT a GROUP it is an Email List.

There are NO advertisements on this List.

Generally, there are no forbidden subjects.

Jokes are permitted - provided that they are not lewd. If you don't
know what a lewd joke is, don't post one.

Tiny URLs are to be encouraged.

Photos and other graphics may be posted to the List. A limit will be
set that will remove any files above a certain size. [At the moment I
am thinking of files around 3 Mb in size as this will allow short
videos that arrive from various friends etc.... (This may or may not
work - I am just setting the List up)) 

Censorship on this List will be performed by the use of the Delete Key
on YOUR keyboard.

No posting of annoying Virus Warning msgs. It is your job to carry the
required virus protection.

Any complaints about the contents of msgs received on this List shall
be made DIRECT to the Administrator - NOT to the BITList.

Unwelcome msgs are those which could be interpreted as, had  we been
together in real life, might have lead to a punch-up

There is such a thing as "Free Speach" but with Free Speach comes

There is a limit to free speach. 

If anyone has some other suggestions please let me know and I will
look at them to see if they of use to this List.

When replying to mgs on a List it is considered "GOOD NETIQUETTE" to
remove those parts of the msg that you are answering that have no
bearing on your reply. Nothing is worse than having to wade through
stuff that the person has been too lazy to remove.

I run several Lists, I have done so since around 1993. It is easy to
run them and takes but a little time.

I am open to assisting those who are not too competent computer users.
On the other hand I do recommend Apple iMac computers.

John Feltham Townsville North Queensland Australia

29 August 2008. 

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