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I didn't know this, though it is ''well-documented''.
Snipped from


dated Saturday, 6 March 2010 :

Harold Adrian Russell 'Kim' Philby was born on
1 January 1912 in Amballa, India, to Dora and
St John. Kim Phiby's father, St John, a Cambridge
graduate, had joined the British Foreign Service
in 1917, when his only son was five years old.
(He) was a non-conformist.

An Indian Civil Service officer turned Arabist and
explorer, he spent 20 years travelling across the
desert on camelback charting Saudi's unexplored
Empty Quarter, crossing paths with Lawrence of
Arabia, and eventually marrying a slave-girl given
to him by his friend King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia,
to whom he spent many years as personal advisor.
Feeling a strong dissatisfaction with British policy
in the Middle East, Kim's father resigned from the
Foreign Service in 1930, converting to Islam and
taking the name Hajj Abdullah.

Kim surrounded himself with things pertaining to
British culture and life on the other side of the Iron
Curtain: from PG Wodehouse novels to the Indian
spices he used for his legendary curries.

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