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What paper printed the report?  It wouldn't surprise me if the "crime" is based on a precedent in some mediaeval case, omitting only the section about the chickens and a strange apparition in the sky that appeared over Little Compost on the Winkle (John I v Engelbert the drudge).

I quote :

"A 38-year-old man from Lee Mill, a 21-year-old woman from Ivybridge, Devon, and a 24-year-old woman from Plymouth have been arrested in connection with the incident."

What bit was the incident?

I live in a different universe from the pathetic souls who partake of the pleasures available in these "sex dungeons" (to borrow a phrase) - someone should direct police resources in that area towards real criminality.  It looks like PC Shiny Buttons has many followers, perhaps he has inspired a cult.  Now, there's a thing.  Is there, perhaps, in some "dark dungeon" (to coin a phrase), a closet of chaps with very shiny buttons and a firm grasp of how God wants things to be run?  I leave the possibility with you.  Discuss (600 words).

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