[BITList] Fwd: [INDIA-BRITISH-RAJ] Final Days of the British Empire to be Shown Online

John Feltham wulguru.wantok at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 07:53:35 GMT 2010

March 03, 2010

Final Days of the British Empire to be Shown Online

A collection of almost 300 films which offer
a unique glimpse of life in India and other
parts of South Asia during the final days of
the British Empire is being released online
on Thursday.

The archive, which is owned by Cambridge
University's Centre for South Asian Studies,
contains approximately 50 different private
collections, all made by people who lived
and worked in India and other parts of Asia
between 1911 and 1956, just as British rule
in the region was coming to a close. Many
of the films are "home movies" never before
seen by the public.

According to a University announcement, the
silent films cover a huge range of topics, including
harrowing scenes shot during the partition of
India and Pakistan in 1947, images of labourers
working on railways and dams, and pictures
of the funeral of Lord Brabourne, a former
Governor of Bombay and Bengal, in 1939.

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