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John Feltham wulguru.wantok at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 06:55:21 GMT 2010

G'day folks,


Helma and I are now at home after two trouble-free flights from Perth - Brisbane - Townsville.

Wendy and Robert appear to have moved into the Granny flat but we haven't seen them yet.

While we were away I was spouting off about a Chicken and Leek Pie recipe. I couldn't locate the one that I have used i the past.

So one of the first things on the to-do list was find THAT recipe. See above...

When I first used it I was surprised to see that it comes from a bunch of recipes called"Feed your family for under A$10.00. It does Hlema and I for two days!  Yum!

Now then I'm off to answer the 110 emails that have come in since yesterday.


P.S.  Oh yes, its been raining here all the gardens are green as is the hillside behind our house.

Birdsville, a tiny town in the outback of NSW has just broken its 100 rainfall record. 
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